5 Tips for keeping your tenant LONGER

Do you own a rental property as an investment? Do you manage the property yourself? One thing many owners don’t realize is the high cost to losing a good tenant. It can easily cost you more than two months of rent every time... read more >>

COVID UPDATE: 7 Tips If Your Tenant is Not Paying Rent

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Are you a Real Estate Agent that is helping your client manage a rental property?  Has the tenant stopped paying rent because of something related to COVID?  Maybe the tenant had their hours cut or they have lost their j... read more >>

5 Winter Rental Property Tips

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New Jersey is on track to have one of the coldest winters this season. In addition, several towns have had snowfall totals that are well above. Taking care of your rental property is important when temperatures get low. Here are a... read more >>

Five Ways to Lower Rental Property Heating Costs

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Are you managing your rental property yourself?  Whether you or your tenants are paying the heating bills, it’s a significant expense; In fact, heating accounts for about 42 percent of our energy consumption. Fall ... read more >>

Your Tenant is moving out – Why speed is important!

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Ok, so you own a rental property – Congratulations!  Your property can be a terrific investment.  Everything is great when you have a good long-term tenant that pays the rent on time and cares for your property. At... read more >>

7 Tips for Cleaning your Rental Property

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Ok, so you own a rental property – Congratulations.  Your property can be a great investment.  There are many things to do to get it ready for new tenants. Inspections, leases, repairs, cleaning and more.... read more >>

Challenging Times for Rental Property Owners

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We understand that stress and pressure on you as the property owner can come from two main areas. Firstly, you rely on the rent as income for your mortgage payment, insurance, repairs, and other commitments. When that income is su... read more >>

Long-or-Short Term Lease? You Decide…

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Leases come in all shapes and sizes, usually full of legal jargon and phrases you don’t quite understand. While many rental leases are typically for 12 months, you’re likely to come across a few short-term leases out t... read more >>
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